Bikes and Trikes to Get Your Kids Riding

They’ll always remember their first bike.

There’s nothing like your first bike. But when it comes to bikes and trikes for kids, finding the right one for their skill level is key. Here’s what you need to know before you go bike shopping with your mini.

Headwear Included

Sturdy build with an adjustable seat to suit a toddler’s first riding experience. Radio Flyer

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A steel-framed tricycle will easily stand up to years of wear and tear. Look for one with an adjustable seat so little ones of all sizes can reach the pedals. And of course, don’t forget to add a helmet—it’s never too early to start teaching bike safety!

Available in Eight Colors

The model makes it easy to learn proper techniques for balancing, simplifying the move to one with pedals. Strider

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A balance bike allows your newly-minted rider to get the feel of a real bike without using training wheels. That eases the transition to a real bike when the time comes.

Comes with Accessories

This feature-heavy option is available in lots of different sizes and colors to suit your little one. RoyalBaby

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When it’s time to graduate to a real bike, shop for one that comes in a variety of wheel sizes. Measure your child’s inseam to find the right size. Then, it comes down to colors and extras like a water bottle holder, kickstand and gear shifters.