If you’ve ever looked at the burrito you’re having for dinner and thought, “Man, those tomatoes, the guac, the beans. They just all look so cozy all wrapped up together; I wish I knew what that felt like!”—you’re in luck. Burrito blankets are super toasty, comfy fleece throws and also cheeky, silly, food-inspired accessories. If you’re feeling meta, like Kevin on The Office, who longed to eat a pig in a blanket while under the blankets—try eating a burrito while you’re in a burrito blanket!

Lightweight, Warm, and Fun

Made of machine-washable polyester with a diameter of 5 feet, you can roll yourself up with a friend! Available in many other food prints, including pizzas, waffles, and waffles. CASOFU

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The nice thing about flannel fleece throws is how versatile they are. They’re perfect for draping across your body as you sit on the couch reading or watching TV; but if you’re camping or have multiple blankets to layer, they can actually be quite warm and avoid  all the bulk of a comforter. And because they’re so soft, they’re a good pick for anyone who is sensorily sensitive.

Variety of Widths and Designs

The cheeky design appears on the front and back of this fade- and shrink-proof option.It comes in a range of styles and sizes. mermaker

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Grams per square meter (or GSM) refers to material weight. The higher the number, the denser the fabric and thicker it is. As a rule of thumb, 80 to 120 GSM is good for warm weather or as an extra layer on top of another blanket in colder climes; 220 to 280 GSM is perfect for year-round use; and 300+ GSM is what you want if you seek something exceptionally warm.

Large Enough for Everyone

This extra-fluffy one is made of breathable 280 GSM material and comes in multiple crispiness options—from lightly toasted to extra brown—so your cover can match your dinner. Zulay Kitchen

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The burrito blanket, as goofy as it may sound, is actually perfect for multiple occasions. They make a great gag gift, Secret Santa offering, housewarming present (to drape over the new couch), or something to give a hard-to-please kid. When you get right down to it, they’re just really soft, comfy blankets, so even if the recipient isn’t a Mexican-food junkie (or is a humorless stick in the mud), at the very least, you’ve given them the gift of coziness!