Butcher Block Islands to Create More Work Space in Your Kitchen

These butcher block island carts can dramatically improve your kitchen.

The platonic ideal of the kitchen—the ones we see in movies—aren’t usually what we actually have. Many kitchens simply don’t have enough counter space for prep work, or storage space for all the kitchen equipment, servingware, and miscellany that somehow finds its way to our homes. Luckily, you can solve both of those problems at once, with a butcher block island.

Two Adjustable Shelves

With an attached spice rack and paper towel holder, this island can clear up a ton of counter and storage space. Amazon

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Nobody has ever had enough kitchen storage. If you move and your new kitchen has more space than your old one? You’ll fill the new excess space before you know it. A butcher block island can help with that. If you want to keep plates, mixers or whatever else you need to store out of sight, look for a cart with cabinet doors.

Six Finishes Available

This portable model has wheels, making it easy to move around your cooking area. Amazon

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Islands with butcher block or other wood tops have plenty of benefits: they look great, and can be used as a cutting board. But if you do want to use the top of your island as a cutting board, beware that it won’t be as easy as it seems: you’ll have to treat the wood with oil—and, of course, you can’t lift it to the sink for cleaning.

Holds Up to 200 Pounds

This simple cart has an open design, great for displaying fancy items or to make it simpler to grab what you need. Amazon

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An overlooked element of kitchen carts is their mobility. Many will be mounted on casters—the little wheels you find on office chairs—which can enable them to move around. If that’s not something you need and you think your island will remain stationary, a caster-free setup may be right for you.