Leveling Blocks to Keep Your Camper on Even Ground

Don’t think about parking your RV without them.

Don’t assume that you’ll find leveled ground to park your RV because if you can’t, you won’t be a happy camper (pun intended!) Levels ensure your comfort. Without them, you might have doors flying open and important supplies falling out of cabinets or the fridge. Or you could find bedtime extremely uncomfortable, putting you at such a bad angle that you could slide out of bed. Here’s how to choose the best leveling blocks for your RV.

Made in the USA

This option can be used under both single and double wheels, as well as under jacks and tandem axles. Tri-Lynx

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Levelers that interlock, much in the same manner as Legos or other building blocks, are a great choice because they prevent slippage when driving onto them. Just beware because that design has a tendency to sink on soft or wet ground. Having plywood or rubber mats handy prevents sinkage and stops mud from getting stuck inside the “Lego” design.

Supports More than 17 Tons

Works in increments from ½ inch to 4 inches in less than five minutes. Beech Lane

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A wedge style leveler is the easiest one to use because there are no guessing games over how many blocks to stack. You stick the wedges under your tire on one side, start to pull forward and have someone in your party tell you when to stop. Place the chocks under the wedges and voila, you’re leveled!

Easy to Transport

Resin is UV stabilized and built to last even when exposed to sunlight for extended periods. Camco

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Always be sure to check the weight capacity of the leveling blocks you choose. Not all are created equal and the last thing you want is for your levels to break under pressure they’re not equipped to withstand. And another tip? Be sure for levels that come in pieces that you have a storage back to keep them together. A lost piece is the last thing you want to drop everything and search your supplies for.