While many cat owners prefer a litter mat, keeping one of those clean can be quite a chore. Consequently, many people prefer to use a disposable litter pad to keep their cat’s box area neat and tidy. It is just easier for many cat parents to quickly dispose of the old, soiled pad and replace it with a new one, then move on to whatever other activities they have planned.

While you might think all litter pads would be about the same, they actually vary a lot in their effectiveness to keep your cat box area spic ’n span. When shopping for cat litter box pads, keep these considerations in mind.

Top Pick

This type of absorbent base comes in 20-count and 40-count packages. It’s available in two scents—fresh and lemon—as well as an unscented option. Amazon Basics

Absorbency is one of the most important features of a good cat litter box pad. If the pad you choose isn’t absorbent enough to last at least a few days, you’re basically wasting your money. The key to absorbency is layering. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a cat litter pad that isn’t made of multiple layers nowadays—if you do, steer clear of it. Most quality litter pads have five or more layers. When these layered pads absorb waste, they convert it to gel-like material so it doesn’t run out on the floor when you change out the pad.

Smart Design

These extra-absorbent pads are made specifically designed for multiple cats. It’s available in quantities ranging from 50-1,200. PETSWORLD

Even a very absorbent pad with multiple layers won’t make you happy if it lets your litter box area smell. The best litter box pads offer extensive odor control, neutralizing any unpleasant smells and leaving the area smelling clean and fresh. Some come in a variety of scents and will do their job of absorbing, plus leave your cat box area smelling fresh with your favorite scent.

Great Value

The waterproof backing on this liner is designed to prevent any leaks. Lasts up to one week for a single feline. All-Absorb

Some fastidious cat owners who hate a messy cat box area like to use a combination of a litter mat and litter pads. Many litter mats are made of two layers, with holes in the top layer to allow cat litter and other materials to pass through. By placing a litter pad in the area between the two layers of the mat, you can absorb any liquids in the pad, making it easier to clean up the litter mat when the time comes. When using this method, be sure and measure your mat before ordering pads to make sure the pads are big enough to cover the entire bottom layer of the mat.