Cat Toys to Keep Your Kitty Happy and Entertained, No Matter Their Age

Cat toys are great for much more than just keeping kitty out of trouble while you’re away from home.

Americans love cats. In fact, results from a recent pet owner survey show that there are nearly 100 million cats living in households in the United States.

While many cat owners buy toys just to keep their felines out of the trouble they often get into when not occupied, there is actually a better reason to get your feline a toy. As it does in humans, play encourages your cat to move around instead of being a couch potato, along with stimulating their senses and improving their mood. That said, not all cat toys are created equal. Let’s take a look at some considerations in choosing the best cat toy or toys for your favorite feline.

Built-In Motion Sensor

The natural writhing movement of this lifelike water creature is sure to draw your feline’s attention. The cover is machine washable. Ontel

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Cat toys range from very simple to intricate robotic creations that took some hefty engineering to design. As many cat owners know, however, cats sometimes prefer the box the toy came in over the toy! Toys with natural movement—however they are powered—often keep cats occupied and playing (read: exercising) longer since they don’t have to bop the toy around themselves to get it to move. Those that mimic prey animals are often preferred as they can bring out your feline’s natural prey drive, further stimulating movement and creativity.

Long Lasting

This fast-moving play item features colorful LEDs on the sides and lasts 3 to 4 hours on a single charge. And it even comes with a free collar! Ralthy

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Felines that are overweight suffer from more health problems than fit cats. Toys with several different kinds of stimulation—motion, lights, squeaks, erratic action—can capture your cat’s attention for a longer time, giving them more opportunity to stay fit.

Large Variety

This pack contains two dozen playthings to give your feline plenty of options. Youngever

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Of course some cats prefer a regular cloth mouse to a $100 remote-control creation, and that’s OK. Sometimes, however, such simple toys can quickly lose their attention-getting ability, so it’s wise to have a number on hand and rotate them in and out as your cat shows their lack of interest in an old favorite. Cycle through them, and there’s a good chance when you get that old favorite back out again in a few months, your cat will love it just as much as they did the first time they played with it!