There are lots of home improvement and repair jobs that are hard to do, and no fun at all. But caulking and sealing joints in kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces is a snap with the right tools, and they’re some of the more satisfying quick fixes you can do around the house. Caulking tool kits provide attachments designed to scrape and clean all the nasty old caulk and sealant around tubs, sinks, and other joints in the house, and then smooth and finish the new caulk to a gleaming, professional look. Even if you’ve never tackled such a task, you’ll be amazed at how you can upgrade the look of your home fixtures with a fresh application of caulk. Just be prepared for how hard it is to stop once you start!

Top Pick

You can’t get a tight, long-lasting finish without first cleaning off all the old material. This device excels at removing mess and smoothing out bumps. YOBZUO

For the best long-term solution to sealing and caulking joints, it’s critical to clear out all the old, cracked, gunky caulk—this ensures a solid seal. Look for a caulking tool that will fit all the cracks and crevices where you’ll be working.

Best for Detail Work

With 14 differently sized nozzles, from 5 millimeters to 26 millimeters, this device gives you complete control for every application. INYOU

Caulking seams is one of the more fun chores around the house. It’s quite satisfying to remove the eyesore of old caulk and with the right accessories, replacing it is a cinch. If you’re planning to work on numerous surfaces in various rooms, you’ll definitely want a tool kit with lots of nozzles and accessory heads to customize the work to every nook and cranny.

Best for Interior Spaces

With an innovative rotating handle and slim design, this sealant applicator can fit into the toughest-to-reach spaces. ORX PLUS TOOLS

Some joints are easy to reach, such as the gaps around window and door casings. But when it comes to sealing out water in kitchens and bathrooms, you’ll often need to maneuver the tool into awkward spaces around faucets, handles, cabinet doors, and other obstacles. Look for a tool that will adjust to every condition, and lay down sealant and grout in the tightest spaces.