Chip Clips To Keep Your Favorite Snacks Super Fresh

Stop those chips from going stale with these smart bag seals!

Chip clip magnets on a fridge
Keep your snacks crunchy with a bounty of chip clips.Kizmos

Chip clips, bag clips, food clips—whatever you call them, they’re the sort of thing that you always want to have around the house, because whether you’re using them for food storage, organization, or decoration, they’re one of those inexpensive yet indispensable devices that just make life better. Here are our picks.

Kizmos Magnetic Multipurpose Bag Clips, Set of 7, Multicolored

Cheap and Cheerful

These seven rainbow shade clothespin-styles come with magnets for easy storage and can be used for sealing food packaging, collecting receipts, and more.Kizmos

It goes without saying that you don’t need a bag of chips to use a chip clip, as they’re useful for any bag of food that you want to seal effectively. So if you don’t want your kitchen cupboards or drawers littered with stray pasta, rice, or flour, get yourself some clips. To keep food as fresh as possible, fold the top of the bag over more than once so your clip creates as airtight a seal as it can.

House Again 12 Pack Chip Bag Clips Covered with Silicone - NO More Sharp Edges - Color Coded with 3 Different Colors Perfect for Food Bags - Air Tight Seal, Heavy Duty, 3 Inches Wide

Long Lasting Materials

Made from stainless steel and rubber, so durable for use in the freezer, these chunky and durable clamps are rust-proof and come in three distinct shades.House Again

Try using color-coded chip clips to help you distinguish between different types of foods. You might choose yellow for pasta, blue for flour, green for sugar, or group according to how you cook: red for cake-making ingredients, yellow for carbs. You’re sure to find a system that suits your kitchen.

Cook with Color 10 Pc Bag Clips with Magnet, Food Clips, Chip Clips, Bag Clips for Food Storage with Air Tight Seal Grip, Snack Bags and Food Bags (Ombre Blue, Shades of Blue, Green and White)

For Every Room

Soft touch nylon handles, a non-slip ribbed end, and strong spring mechanism make these durable clamps an asset in any kitchen. A magnet and hanging hole add to their versatility.Cook with Color

Of course chip clips don’t just have to be used for food storage. These versatile tools often come with a magnet attached, making them a great option for sticking onto a fridge and clipping notes, shopping lists, or reminders. Plus, they’re an easy way to hang up star report cards or your kids’ art pieces.