A fun, safe, exciting set of musical instruments is a proven tyke-pleaser, and introducing young children to making music can help build confidence and creativity. Strumming and banging and manipulating flutes and horns is fun and helps build fine motor skills whether your youngster ever winds up on stage or not. Choose a set with lots of playing options, from shaking and rattling to blowing and banging, and don’t forget to get in on the fun yourself.

Best for Infants

This is practically a symphony orchestra in a bag, with easy-to-blow and fun-to-shake devices that will enthrall young children.

Instrument sets with multiple types of instruments can help your child explore all their musical curiosities. Best of all, each serves as a different learning tool, from understanding rhythm to creating unique melodies.

Best Assortment

Your children won’t get bored with this collection. There are 15 types of mechanisms so they can blow, bang, shake, and rattle to their heart’s content.

When choosing an instrument set for kids, look for items made specifically for smaller hands and fingers. It’s not just a matter of finding musical instruments that young maestros can manipulate. You’ll also want to make sure that there are no sharp edges or gaps that can injure your child.

Natural Choice

Sixteen pieces, including a tambourine, maracas, sleigh bells, a wood block, and much more.

If you have children of multiple ages, consider purchasing an additional set or two suited for other age groups. It’s a guarantee that all the kids will want to get in on the fun, so you’ll want to have plenty of instruments on hand. And seeing older kids play music will inspire younger children to stick with it and master new instruments.