What to Look for in a Comfortable Bean Bag Chair

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When you think of bean bags, your mind might conjure an image of a college student living in a dorm or in a small studio apartment with a futon and a twin mattress on the floor. What’s an adult with mature taste in interior design to do? Luckily for them, bean bags come in a variety of sophisticated styles and shapes. Some could even pass for a loveseat. Before you begin searching for the right one for your space, there are several key things to consider. Before you know it, you’ll be bingeing on your favorite shows in true comfort and style.

What’s on the Inside?

This one is filled with lightweight polystyrene stuffing. An attached handle makes it even easier to transport. Big Joe

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Expanded polystyrene (EPS) filling is eco-friendly, non-toxic and recyclable. Similar to styrofoam, it’s also light yet rigid enough to retain its form over several years. Polyurethane (found in memory foam) is denser and has more viscosity. Those who prefer to go natural can also use rice, corn, buckwheat hulls or actual dried beans to pump up their bean bags.

How Does It Feel?

At the end of the night, you can remove the cover and fold it out into a shredded foam-filled mattress. Chill Sack

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Durability is key when looking at outer fabric. Furniture-grade and stain-resistant are always good features because they’ll last longer, and can be zipped off to throw in the wash. Suede and leather will look sophisticated, while polyester and vinyl are easy to clean and often coated with material that makes them mold-resistant and water repellant.

Layer of Protection

The double-stitched microsuede fiber is resistant to stains and, best of all, it’s machine washable. Chill Sack

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Nothing will protect your investment like a good cover. Unless you want to spend extra time spot cleaning it, be sure to get one that can be removed easily. Don’t forget to read the instructions on how to care for your purchase before trusting it to the washer’s regular cycle.