Oversized teddy bears may take up a tiny bit of extra space, but the way they delight, entertain, and even educate your kids is so worth it. Teddy bears that are taller than your kids are great for imaginative play and big cuddles for even the most sensory sensitive and provide lots of opportunity for social emotional development. Here are some of the best to add to your home.


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Sometimes nap time just doesn’t happen in a crib or bed. If your little one is resisting, a life-size teddy bear is the perfect option to cuddle up with. From the living room to playroom to the bedroom floor, this oversized buddy can double as a giant pillow/floor bed, becoming a lifesaver if nap time is a battle.


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Stuffed animals are a proven tool in helping young children cope with anxiety and stress. Hugging a favorite toy they turn to is an important step in learning to self-soothe and deal with negative emotions. And hugging a teddy bear that’s life size (or bigger) can mimic a hug from a parent or caregiver when apart.


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Stuffed animals are the perfect friend for young ones, helping to develop social skills as they interact together for tea time, TV watching, or some imaginative play. It’s why the life-like qualities of an oversized teddy bear makes them the perfect friend. The pretend play they share with the bear teaches children how to interact with others so they can easily build friendships in school and beyond.