Taylor Swift famously sings that “we could leave the Christmas lights up until January,” but we say, “Why not leave them up all year long!” String lights—comprised of tiny LED bulbs on a metallic wire—create a soft, welcoming ambiance in any room. And because light-emitting diodes use considerably less energy than regular bulbs, if you switch off the lamps and use them as your primary source of illumination, you’ll also save money on your electric bill.

At about 10 feet by 7 feet, this short single strand adds just a slight aura, so buy multiple if you’re looking for big, bold brightness. Twinkle Star

Warm white lights give off candle-like radiance without that whole fear of burning down the house. Cluster them together for concentrated brightness; string them out over a bigger surface area for a more diffused look.

Amazing Value

Hang this triad of plated wires as is, bend the pliable metal into words or shapes, scatter them into a tablescape or wrap them around everything from a lamp to your bedpost. Twinkle Star

Twinklers have come a long way since your grandma’s Christmas tree. Models with USB-plugs, remote controls, dimmers and automatic on-off switches give string lights a majorly modern upgrade.

Shade Shifters

If you’re a little bit country, a little bit rock ’n’ roll, grab this quadruple-stranded silver coil, which comes in more than a dozen hues, from ROY all the way to GBIV. Minetom

If you plan to string your lights outdoors, make sure to select a waterproof style. And if the bulbs and wire do get hit with a bit of weather, dry them off completely afterward to prevent rust.