Ready to get avo-cozy? We have just the thing.

Bedroom Pick

Soft, wrinkle-proof microfiber with a convenient zipper closure. LAMEJOR

The brand name of this duvet and pillowcase may be “Lamejor” but this set is anything but lame. You know what else isn’t lame? The amount of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats avocados contain. A whopping 5 grams of ’em per one-third of a medium-sized fruit.

Realistic Pick

Lightweight, but still cozy, and fully machine washable. Fomoom

Just like a real avocado, this photo-realistic blanket version goes from dark green peel, to bright green flesh, to lighter green flesh, and finally to pale yellow near the pit. In the fruit version, these colors come from chlorophyll (the same stuff that makes plant leaves green and that converts sunlight into plant food) and a whole bunch of strange-sounding but healthy phytonutrients including lutein, alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, neoxanthin, violaxanthin, zeaxanthin and antheraxanthin. Yum!

Elegant Option

Although it’s not adorned with the fruit itself, this extremely soft, oversized microfiber throw is avocado-colored. Goes with anything! Exclusivo Mezcla

The best throw blankets are super silky-soft, often made from microfiber. If you want the best avocado, though, don’t go for a super-soft one at the grocery store. It’s best to buy them when they barely “give” when pressed with a thumb, then let them ripen for a day or two in a paper bag on your kitchen counter. A too-hard avocado is an astringent, toothsome disappointment; a too-soft one is a bitter mush.

Baby Gift

This machine-washable cuddle-toy, or ‘lovie,’ will get your favorite baby started early on their own love affair with the fruit. Jellycat

An avocado-shaped security blankie isn’t the only way a baby can benefit from the green stuff. Mashed avocado makes an ideal and very popular baby food, often mixed with a little formula or breast milk with the kiddos are super young. And unlike other fruits and veggies, which must be pureed in a blender or food processor, all it takes is a fork to make it smooth enough to serve.

For a Modern Nursery

This one is so popular as a shower gift that it keeps selling out! BORITAR

The manufacturers recommend washing this blanket first before using it—never a bad idea with any item intended for use with babies, who explore just about everything they can get their hands on with their mouths. It’s also a good idea to wash real avocados before using them. Even though you won’t eat the outer skin, the knife you use to cut them open can introduce bacteria from the peel into the flesh when you slice through. So give your fruit a quick rinse every time.