Durable Home Exercise Bikes You Can Get on The Cheap

Because a good workout shouldn’t have to come with a steep price tag.

Looking for a way to break a sweat in the comfort of your home, rain or shine? Enter the exercise bike. There are tons of different models on the market now, from folding options ideal for apartment living, to recumbent styles that put less pressure on your joints, to magnetic resistance bikes that won’t disturb roommates or family members. Keep reading for our picks.

Strong Construction

With a comfortable padded seat, tension knobs to control ride difficulty and straps on the pedals for a customized fit, this is challenging but easy on your joints. Marcy

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Recumbent style bikes are great for all fitness levels. The semi-reclining position of the chair makes sitting easier on your back, and the angle of the pedals puts less pressure on knee joints. But “low impact” isn’t synonymous with “easy.” Look for bikes with multiple resistance options, which can allow you to challenge yourself with a tougher workout. Also consider what extras may come with the bike—a digital monitor can be helpful to track data, such as calories burned or miles traveled.

For Any Hour of the Day

2-in-1 frame for recumbent cycling; 10 levels of resistance and adjustable seat. leikefitness

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Folding bikes are ideal for small spaces or apartments. If you’re in an apartment with neighbors close by, or don’t want to bother family or roommates in the next room, consider a bike with magnetic resistance. Magnetic resistance bikes have a metal disk as their front “wheel” which glides through a magnetic sensor. You control the resistance of the magnets with a dial. To further minimize noise, catch sweat, and reduce damage to the floor, it’s a good idea to put these bikes on a workout mat instead of directly on a hard floor.

Feels So Real

Ergonomic seat and multiple settings allow for a comfortable asphalt-like ride for users. Sunny Health & Fitness

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If you have multiple riders in your house, make sure to check the weight capacity on the bike you choose. Some lighter bikes may have a lower weight capacity that may not be appropriate for all riders. Need a good way to add accountability and fun into a sweat session while biking? Stream cycle rides on your TV and follow along with instructors.

Also Consider

For Small Spaces

An X-type frame keeps product stable, and up to 265 pound capacity adds versatility for multiple riders. ATIVAFIT

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