The best way to make a good first impression is to make sure you look your best, and using a quality trimmer to tame ear hair, nose hair and facial hair is an inexpensive way to show that you care about the details. Modern trimmers often come with lots of attachments so you can fine tune the length and thickness of facial hair, and snip away unsightly hair from eyebrows and ear lobes alike. Most are powered with rechargeable batteries, so using them is easy. And many are made to handle sink and shower splashes, so they’ll keep you looking sharp for year after year.

Tons of Accessories for a Custom Cut

With a no-oil-needed blade design that self-sharpens, this product will stay keen, whether you use it daily, weekly or just every few months. Philips Norelco

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If you’re mostly concerned about removing ear and nose hair, look for trimmers that use spinning blades that revolve inside a small housing. They’re more comfortable to use than larger facial hair trimmers with straight blades that move back and forth.

14 Cutting Lengths

A rinseable head makes it easy to clean. Just stick it under running water to tidy. WAHL

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Some ear-hair trimmers come with a dual device, one for trimming ear and nose hair, and another for trimming facial hair. If you’re looking to groom a beard or mustache, a product with a variable length, multi-stage beard attachment will give you the greatest control.

Designed for Comfort

With spinning blades and a rotary head, this product can snip every hard-to-reach place. FlePow

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If you want to use a trimmer in the shower, make sure it’s waterproof. Look for a line in the product description that says IPX7—that’s an engineering designation for tested devices. This rating will ensure your new trimmier won’t fritz out under running water.