Electronic pets took the toy industry by storm in the mid ’90s. Small electronic animals and keychains beeped a series of demands that forced the e-pet owner to drop what they were doing and input a series of push-button codes to feed, nap, and care for the computerized companion. While they could certainly be a distraction at times, e-pets were a solid way to teach kids and teens a certain amount of responsibility with a playful, trendy flare.

Since then, electronic pets have made a huge comeback with better technology, cuddlier designs, and interesting storylines. They’re the perfect gift for kids who want to take care of something, or for a grown-up looking to capture a bit of nostalgia from their own childhood. Choosing a new electronic pet doesn’t have to be overwhelming, even though times and designs have changed. Here’s what to look for in your new e-buddy.

Original E-Pet

Sized to fit on your keychain or in a pocket. Can be paired up with others to marry, socialize, and play games via phone app. Requires two AAA batteries. Tamagotchi

If you’ve ever wanted to train your kiddos to be responsible for a pet, an e-pet is a great place to start before taking the plunge with a real life furry friend. E-pets typically use a series of beeps, sounds, motions, lights, and other signals to gain the attention of the pet parent. Each signal is associated with a specific task to be completed by the owner, and will continue until the task is finished or the owner turns it off. This gives kids an opportunity to learn signals, respond to them in a timely way, and keep the e-pet alive and well cared for. It can also impart a sense of responsibility, which is key for any pet owner.

Engaging Play

Features a wide range of emotions, functions, and audio signals. Eyes and tummy change colors on cue, and wings open and close. Comes with three surprise accessories. FurReal friends

Digital pets aren’t just about taking care of a robot; you can also build an entire community around them. Some e-pets have the potential to meet other e-pets and their owners via a phone app and socialize. They can go for a digital walk, play a game, get married, have digital offspring, and even build digital communities. Not only is this creative play, it also offers a chance for folks to connect with other e-pet owners all over the world. Oh, and it’s incredibly cute.


Handheld clicker allows you to care for your computerized companion from a distance. Includes treats, water dish, and other accessories. Roams the room independently. Power Your Fun

When looking for an electronic pet, consider what kind of interaction you want with it. Do you want to hold it and take care of it like a real pet that needs to be patted and soothed? Or do you prefer something more low-key? Do you want your pet to perform tricks and other physical activities, or do you want the convenience of keeping it in your pocket and taking it anywhere you go? There are multiple types of e-pets to choose from, so go with the type that best suits your lifestyle and sense of play.

Also Consider

Great For All Ages

Robotic Baby Yoda uses the Force to engage care. Eyes open and close, arms move. Comes with a medallion necklace. Star Wars