When you’re firing up the barbecue, you don’t want to spend extra time searching for the right set of tongs before flipping your steak—especially if you’re after that perfect medium-rare cook. That’s why a barbecue accessories set is so handy: Stash a spatula, tongs, a grill fork and more at your side. Here are the sets that make guests keep coming back for more.

Super Strong

Each accessory features an extra long handle, which prevents burns and makes for easy flipping. Alpha Grillers

If you’re planning a big BBQ, you want a grill set that can quickly flip lots of burgers (and chicken breasts and ears of corn…). A set of long-handled tools with rubberized grips will help with maneuverability. The larger the tools, the easier it is to handle thick bratwursts and smoking racks of ribs.

Budget Pick

Hang these up while not in use with the convenient built-in loops. Cuisinart

To prevent burns, look for a grill set that comes with an oversize glove. And find a spatula that does it all with a serrated edge—some can function as a bottle opener and a knife to check if your meat is fully cooked.

Full Kit

This would make the perfect gift for a BBQ aficionado. Cuisinart

If you want a truly comprehensive set, look for one with a meat thermometer included. That makes it super easy to know when your burgers, steaks or chicken are done, without having to cut them open and lose the juices.