Foam mats are a low-cost way to transform hard floors into a safe and cushy surface. They’re beneficial for babies learning to crawl, or at-home athletes perfecting their floor routines. The best mats for your home depends on how much you want to invest, how you plan to use the flooring and whether or not you want them to be a semi-permanent fixture in your space. Here, what to consider when picking your new foam flooring.

The whimsical design covers an oversize area, and it easily rolls up when not in use. Baby Care

A toxin-free mat can provide peace of mind to parents. Look at the materials the mat is made of, since it’s likely your baby will mouth the mat at certain points. A roll-up option is ideal for bringing to the grandparents’ house, or using in a multi-use area, like the living room.

Good Value

Snap-together pieces let you customize the space according to your needs. BalanceFrom

Interlocking pieces give you the freedom to customize an area for your kid’s playtime. They’re also easy to pick up and clean—most can just be wiped down with a wet rag and soap.

Also Consider

With a variety of colors, this option does double duty in rec/play rooms. We Sell Mats

When a rec room is used as a playroom, it’s smart to pick a pattern that works for all members of the family, from new walkers to HIIT devotees. Foam flooring is important for big kids and adults too: it can muffle the sound of pre-teens jumping or adults trying to test their muscle with free weights.