The non-gamer might wonder why someone would need a special chair for what seems like a sedentary activity. Think of it like racecar driving: it requires intense concentration for long periods of time—sometimes many hours—and if there’s some issue with posture, you’re going to feel it tomorrow. These chairs can help, without costing a mint.

With adjustable head and height, this product will keep your back straight. Homall

You may notice some racecar-like styling on these chairs. That’s no coincidence: gaming chairs have a design directly inspired by racing bucket season, as an activity with similar physical demands. (Well, without the gravitational pull of hundreds of miles per hour.)

This unit packs an integrated USB-powered massager, great for soothing the back during long sessions. Von Racer

If you’re serious about gaming (and comfort), look for extras to enhance your experience, like a massage function, a rotating or reclining head, adjustable height and even a footrest. You won’t want to sit in anything else after!

This product features an extending, adjustable platform for your feet, making it perfect for lounging back as you play. Bestoffice

An oft-underlooked option for gaming chairs are adjustable armrests. Your arms will want to be in different positions, at different heights, depending on your height, posture and even the type of game you’re playing.

Also Consider

With a winged design at the shoulders, this option will keep your body in a comfortable and supported position. Polar Aurora

Able to tilt back to a whopping 160 degrees, you might fall asleep in this option—and that’s okay. Homall