Extend the life of your outdoor grill by regularly giving it a thorough brush-down with a grill brush. It’s a critical part of grill cooking, since doing this can remove leftover bits of food that can contaminate the flavor of the food you’re making. Here’s what to look for in a grill brush.

No one wants to spend a lot of time cleaning the grill after preparing food, especially if you’re entertaining. That’s why it’s important to shop for a large grill brush with a wide head. This allows you to scrub lots of grates at the same time. And a smaller, pointed end is handy for removing bits of food that get stuck between the grates.  


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For a better clean, look for a tool that’s a scraper and grill brush in one. Stainless steel bristles are stronger than brass bristles, which means they are able to penetrate even difficult, hard-to-reach bits of left-behind food. A dual-purpose tool that also includes a scraper to pry off burnt-on food is a good option for stainless steel or cast iron grill grates.

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If you own a grill with porcelain-coated grates, you’ll need to take a gentler approach to cleaning your grill. To avoid scratching and damaging this fragile surface, consider using vapor power by using a pad that’s dipped in water and applied to an already hot grill. It’s an effective way to clean without using wire bristles.