Cats are desert animals, descended from the African wildcat, a species that often lives in very hot, dry areas. That means they don’t naturally drink very much. But modern cat food is often very dry, so most cats aren’t getting enough liquid from their diet. A water bowl is an easy way to keep your cat hydrated, but it can be messy and gets knocked over easily. What about a water fountain instead?

The low-consumption pump measures below 40dB, so it’s quiet and should last several years. Veken

In the wild, cats tend to prefer running water over stagnant. That’s not too unusual; many animals do, too, because stagnant water is much more likely to have bacteria and other pathogens that can make them sick. A fountain provides running water with a pump, which could be much more attractive to a cat than a simple, stagnant bowl of water.

This option turns red and powers down automatically when it’s running low. Wonder Creature

Water bowls attract dust, dirt, hair and mildew. But fountains have charcoal filters, just like the filtered pitchers humans use, to clean the water each time it’s pumped back up for your cat to drink.

Instead of chunky plastic, but this option has a clean, almost industrial look that may match your decor better. PetSafe

Fountains hold much more water than bowls, and can keep that water cleaner for longer. If you’re spending the night somewhere else, or if you work long hours and can’t clean and refill the water bowl every day, a fountain can keep water fresh and filled. You can stock up on filters, too; make sure to replace them according to manufacturer instructions, because just like with Brita filters, they can get clogged and eventually become ineffective.