How Pet Grooming Gloves Work

Keep your furry friends’ coats sleek and shiny with these grooming gloves.

A grooming glove for your pets is exactly as it sounds—a glove or mitt with ridges on the palm side so you can easily comb through your furry friend’s coat simply by stroking them. It’s a stress free way to deshed even the most skittish kitties, remove a dog’s dead hair and skin and stimulate natural oil production in the coat. Here’s how to use them.

Skin-Mimicking Material

255 silicone nubs make for a comforting massage. Delomo

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A five finger grooming glove feels most like petting your furball with your own hands. Look for one with silicone tips as they’ll feel soft on your pet’s skin while picking up loose fur. As you groom, the surface of the glove will accumulate hair, so it’s best to remove it throughout the grooming session. One benefit of silicone is fur can be easily peeled off and thrown away, so the glove continues to glide smoothly through your pet’s coat.

Waterproof and Durable

Flexible rubber bristles won’t catch on snags. H HandsOn

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Grooming gloves, especially those made from durable material like nylon and rubber, can turn a stressful bath for your pets into a spa day. All you need to do is wet and lather up your pup or kitty (or horse) and use the glove to gently massage their fur with a pet-friendly wash. Not only are you loosening up dead hair and skin but also thoroughly cleansing fur from dirt and grime.

For Daily Use

An adjustable Velcro strap makes these more comfortable to wear. STARROAD-TIM

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Pro tip: an easy way to relax your pet before starting the grooming process is to have some treats on hand. Once you’re ready to get started, place the glove on your hand and stroke your pet gently, using sweeping motions in the direction that their fur grows. If your pet has particularly tough knots, use a comb or brush first and then finish up with the grooming glove. Using the glove a few times a week will help serious tangles from building up, and your pet is sure to love the extra cuddles.