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If there’s always a battle for the thermostat in your home, you’re far from alone. Research has shown that women generally prefer rooms to be around 77 degrees Fahrenheit, while men are happy at around 71 degrees. Compact and lightweight,, space heaters are safe, easy to use and can quickly and easily raise a room’s temperature.

This compact yet powerful mini convection fan will warm up to 300 square feet, and has an adjustable thermostat and three fan settings. Lasko

Most electric space heaters work by passing electricity through a heating element, and then using a fan to distribute the air that the heating element warms. That means they tend to have two main controls—one for heat, allowing you to choose the temperature, and one for the fan, which allows you to select the speed at which the heat is distributed. If these controls are separate, it also means that your space heater can do double duty, helping to circulate air, even if it doesn’t cool it like an AC system.

Bonus Settings

With a 1500-watt output for swift and efficient warming of areas up to 300 square feet. Lasko

Just as you can get fans that oscillate or rotate from side to side to distribute airflow more evenly, you can also get oscillating space heaters that are better at dispersing heat in multiple directions. The advantage of this is that your room should warm up more quickly. Other features to look out for when purchasing your space heater include tower models, which as the name suggests means they tend to have a taller thinner profile to help distribute heat better. Tower models often include a timer feature, which will automatically switch it off after a designated time period so you’re not wasting electricity, and a remote control which allows you to change the settings without getting up—a useful feature for those who are less mobile.

Multiple Colors

This one features an LED light to let you know when it’s plugged in. AmazonBasics

Always consider safety features when looking at a space heater. Many options come with a tip-over switch, so they’ll automatically turn off if they fall over. Also consider where you’re putting it—avoid bathrooms, laundry areas or anywhere in your home with high humidity.