Some men are harder to shop for than others. But you can’t go wrong with a care package full of goodies! Read on to find one that your loved one feel appreciated.

For Mr. Clean

A fun way to package up guy-friendly bath favorites. Plum Island Soap Company

The metallic-finished cardboard “can” opens just like a real paint can! And inside, your gift recipient will find handmade soap, hand cream, after-shower oil, spiced shave gel and a body scrubber.

For Fuzzy Guys

Fun toiletry kit especially made for a dad, brother or pal with facial hair. XIKEZAN

Combines a high-quality beard brush and wooden comb with an assortment of other treats for bearded ones including shampoo, conditioner, organic balm and beard oil.

For Chocolate Fans

If he has a sweet tooth, he’ll love this assortment. Golden State Fruit

Caramel corn is a gift basket classic—this collection pairs it with a whole lot more chocolate squares, chocolate-covered pretzels (yum), nuts and brittles.

For the Healthy Muncher

Crunchy cashews, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, honey-roasted peanuts and candied pecans. Nut Cravings

If your loved one likes to snack but follows a gluten-free, Paleo or low-sugar eating style, try a nut basket. This one comes in three sizes for every appetite.

For Meat Lovers

This set is created by a small business in Washington state but ships anywhere you want it to. DAN THE SAUSAGEMAN

This meaty and cheesy gift set is made by a small business in Washington State, but ships anywhere you want it to.