What to Look for in Karaoke Mics

Let your inner pop star shine!

Woman singing karaoke
All the fun of a karaoke night from the comfort of your own home.Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

If a karaoke bar is your happy place, then bliss out at home with a karaoke mic. You’re in control of what you sing, when you sing and who you sing with. Whether you’re all about having that solo diva moment or dueting on the perfect collaboration, there’s a karaoke mic to hit those high notes.

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This model has a rechargeable battery that works for up to 10 hours. It syncs with an app on your phone or tablet and includes several effects, such as echo and volume levels for both singing and music.BONAOK

If you want to feel like a pop star that’s dominating the concert stage, then check out a handheld mic that connects to other devices via Bluetooth. Using an app on your phone or tablet, watch the lyrics while the music plays through the mic’s speakers. Then you can dance, shimmy and shake through your set.

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Available in red/black or red/grey, this wireless option can plug into a real stereo or PA system. The receiver can run for up to four hours straight before it needs juice.Bietrun

Sometimes you want to mix things up—maybe sing acapella or perhaps test out lyrics to an original song. Or, in between karaoke sessions, maybe you need the power of the mic for speeches at small gatherings. Whatever you need the mic to do, connectivity is key. Look for ones that can easily connect to speakers, amplifiers, smart phones and more so your voice—spoken or singing—is always heard.

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If karaoke is a stepping stone so you can practice and fine tune your singing aspirations, a karaoke mic that allows you to record your performances is a great investment. You can playback, critique and perfect your songs of choice before taking them to a larger audience.