Kids Bento Boxes for Yummy, Easy Lunches

Every portion in its place.

Kids’ bento boxes have become a category of their own on Instagram, where even humble sandwiches are elevated into an art form. Bento boxes make it easy to keep foods separate—key for picky eaters—and can save foods from getting squashed by an errant water bottle. The small sizes also help you pack perfect portions for your little one, and make it easy for kids to serve themselves. Here’s what to consider when you pick out a bento box for kids.

Everything in Its Place

Available in multiple print designs, including dinosaur, rainbows and butterflies, sharks and more. Safe for the microwave and dishwasher. Bentgo


Bento boxes are great for keeping foods separate and contained. Consider what your little one likes to eat. Kids who like having hummus to dip pretzels or veggie slices in may benefit from a space designed for dips.

Stack and Store

Rubber-lined edges protect this item if and when it gets dropped. Microwave and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Bentgo


Look for bento box options that are microwave and dishwasher safe. Inexpensive options are ideal for absentminded kids. Having multiple containers with interchangeable lids can make it simple to pack lunch for multiple kids—or parents. After all, parents need portion-controlled snacks handy, too.

Modern Design

Made to minimize mess, the snap-on lid is sturdy and made of BPA-free material. Spork included. Kinsho


It never feels good when your kid’s lunch comes home, untouched. To encourage eating on-the-go, have your little one help you pack their snacks before school. Also it may be smart to make things as ready-to-eat as possible. Peeling clementines, opening wrappers and making sure utensils are available can help a kid dig in without the help of a teacher.