Kids’ Kitchen Sets and Why You And Your Kiddo Need One ASAP

Encourage real life skills early and often!

Imaginative play is a key way children learn real life skills like problem solving, empathy, and collaboration. Finding suitable toys that encourage open-ended play can be tricky, but kids’ kitchen sets make it easy. Kids create a yummy “meal,” clean up their mess and work together all in a miniature version of a grown-up space. This not only builds confidence, but it also normalizes and encourages basic proficiency for these important tasks. But what should you look for in a great kid’s kitchen? Keep reading. We have you covered.

Doors Open and Close

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When looking for a kids’ kitchen, one important thing to consider is where you will put it and how it will function in your space. Placing play kitchens in the main kitchen of your home means your kiddos work and play close to you, which might mean you are able to prep food in peace. But if you don’t have space in the real kitchen, pre-measure to make sure the play kitchen fits along a wall in a bedroom, playroom or living space.

Bonus Items

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Play kitchens come in a variety of styles and themes, so decide what features are most important for your kids. Gender-neutral or gender-themed? Bare basics, all the bells and whistles or a happy in-between? Realistic gadgetry or kid-centered accessories? No matter what you choose, just make sure it aligns with your parenting style.

20+ Removable Play Pieces

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Finding a play kitchen that increases imagination and resourcefulness might mean thinking outside of the box. Food trucks, restaurants, coffee shops—you can find a niche play kitchen that excites your kiddo’s creative side while developing their collaborative skills.