You’d be surprised what a difference the right kitchen organizer can make—unless, of course, you enjoy opening every single drawer and cabinet to find the whisk, can opener and spatula. Pop one of these bad boys into a drawer and you’ll feel immediately more Zen.

Color Options

Extra-deep compartments, a reinforced base and silicone anti-slip pads make this stylish option a win-win-win. Royal Craft Wood

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Utensil organizers come in an array of materials. Bamboo is a popular option because it’s naturally water-resistant and antimicrobial—so if your knives, spoons and forks are damp when you throw them in the drawer, you don’t have to worry about damaging the holder. Other materials to consider are BPA-free plastic, rust-resistant stainless steel and stainless steel mesh. Like bamboo, mesh is great if you tend to put away damp utensils.

Stretches Out

This sustainably harvested material is durable and strong. A multiplicity of sections means the perfect place for every type of tableware. Pipishell

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Lots of models expand and contract to fit different drawer sizes (e.g. a 13.5-inch-long wood model can slide out into a whopping 20 inches with just one pull). Size-changing options are a great idea if you tend to reorganize a lot or spend different parts of the year in different homes. Just grab your size-shifting utensil compartment and hit the road! You won’t have to worry about cleaning out the drawers when you get there.

Space Saver

Five angled compartments allow you to stack up to 24 pieces of flatware. Cute little icons let you know where to put the spoons, forks and knives. Joseph Joseph

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There’s no shame in being someone who mostly makes reservations for dinner. If the bulk of your dining in consists of takeout, why junk up your drawers with butter knives, peelers, corers and other supposedly must-have items that you’ll never use? If you don’t have loads of utensils, consider a compact holder that stores just the essentials and leaves the rest of your drawer free. It’s particularly appealing for anyone clutter-averse or into a minimalist aesthetic. (And leaves loads of room for menus.)