Kitchen Playsets that Will Unleash Toddler Creativity

Cook up some imaginative play!

A kid’s kitchen has been a beloved playroom staple for generations for a reason. These sturdy structures can provide plenty of opportunities for imaginative, creative play. The right one for your family depends on your budget, your decor, and how and where you plan to use the kitchen playset. Here, what to consider before choosing a kitchen playset for your toddler. Deep breath. This is way less stressful and more fun than choosing appliances for a real kitchen reno.

Extras Included

Sturdy model that comes with play cooking tools and battery-operated effects. Frame is easy to clean and rugged enough for outdoor use. Step2

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Before you pick a toy kitchen, consider how and where it will be used most often. If you’ll primarily use it outdoors or in a non weatherproofed area, like a front porch, look at plastic options—these are easiest to hose or wipe down after a day of play. Kitchens come in a variety of different decor options and patterns, so if you’re going to put it in a central place in the home, make sure it’s something you won’t mind looking at every single day.

Realistic Look

Durable and easy to assemble, this option stands over three feet high and is made for multiple kids to play at once. Option to purchase accessories like utensils and food with it. Melissa & Doug

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Assembly may not be included in a play kitchen, and can be substantial. Keep that in mind before you choose a model to rush deliver for a child’s birthday. A larger model may take up significant real estate but it can also accommodate multiple kids at a time. This is something to consider when looking for a toy for multiple siblings, or something that can be a spotlight during playdates and parties.

Retro Vibe

Open and close, click and turn with this interactive model. The sink is removable to make cleanup a snap. KidKraft

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Toy kitchens can be enjoyed by all different ages. Little ones may be fascinated by knobs that turn and doors that open, while older kids may enjoy imaginative play, like “playing restaurant”. Because of this, the kitchen may be a staple in your playroom for multiple years—consider choosing an option you like, that can also allow room to grow for a young toddler.