Laser Star Projectors to Bring the Magic of the Galaxy Indoors

Clever gadgets for a spectacular light show even when it’s cloudy outside.

The planets and the stars have fascinated mankind for millennia and there is evidence that the earliest astronomers were the Babylonians who studied and observed celestial bodies as early as the second millennium BCE. And now, thanks to an inexpensive projection gadget, you can recreate these amazing natural phenomena inside your home.

So Relaxing

Manufactured by a special effects lighting company, this high-spec device comes with a timer and settings for adjustable brightness. BlissLights

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The simplest laser star projectors use a laser to project “stars” of one color from one aperture, and then a different colored light from another to project the “nebula.” The combination of the sharp pinpricks of light provided by the laser, and the swirling cloud creates an impressive effect. It’s worth noting that because these projectors use lasers, they should always be positioned so that people and animals can’t accidentally look into the laser which may cause eye damage. Which, if you’re placing them in a curious child’s room may require careful placement.

Smart Design

A does-it-all device that can stream music and create a coordinated light show. LBell

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While the simplest projectors will come with fixed colors and possibly adjustable brightness, others have more variables that can be changed, and extra functionality. With some you can change the colors of the lights, and the speed at which the stars move across the sky, and they may also function as a wireless speaker that you can stream music through and program the lights to sync with the beats.

Multiple Color Options

This pick has 16 different color combinations and works with Alexa and Google Assistant. Riarmo

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Many laser star projectors come with remote controls. But if you really want state of the art lighting, look for a device that will not only allow you to stream music through it, but will also integrate seamlessly with home assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. If it comes with its own app, that’s also a plus: that means you don’t have to worry about losing the included remote.