Make a Mini Waterpark With a Trampoline Sprinkler Attachment

The best kind of waterworks.

If you have a backyard trampoline, you’ve probably already tried incorporating a sprinkler or water hose into the mix on hot days. But dragging a big, heavy hose and setting it up under the trampoline can be a hassle. Chucking it over the safety net enclosure can cause it to stretch and sag, making it less effective and creating a jumping hazard to anyone who is jumping. An easier, safer way to get the most fun out of your water play is a sprinkler attachment specifically designed for your trampoline. Just connect the hose and let the fun unfold. Here’s how.

Less H2O Waste

This has multiple spray settings for total splash control. ARTBECK

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Trampoline sprinklers are a great way to regulate the flow and direction of the spray. Because most attachments connect at the top of the safety net enclosures, so water distributes evenly. You can also change the pressure—from mist to stream, you decide what setting works for you.

Fun and Safe

Be sure to order the right size for your rebounder to get a perfect, customized fit. Bobor

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Water systems designed for trampoline use aren’t just fun, they’re also incredibly safe. You don’t need to worry about accessories detaching from the trampoline mid-jump, or getting tangled in a loose hose. These sprinklers attach snugly to the outside of the trampoline net.

Easy to Install

This is made of UV-protected material, which means it will last for multiple seasons. ThrillZoo

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You don’t need specialized tools to set up your mini water park. Most sprinklers come with everything you need to get things up and running in no time, and use zip ties to secure the water feature attachment to your trampoline.