Before Buying a Men’s Henley Shirt, Consider These Three Things

It’s a shirt for all year-round, but which one suits you?

If collars aren’t your thing, but you like to go a bit more dressy than crew- or V-neck tees, a men’s henley shirt might be your fashion godsend. They’re a stylish, masculine happy medium that can best be described as a polo shirt without the collar or a T-shirt with buttons. Although they are easy to wear, picking out a good, flattering one isn’t necessarily a cinch. A few tips: 1) They’re typically made of cotton or a cotton blend, so choose a texture that’s climate-appropriate. 2) Fitted looks so much better than loose, regardless of body type. 3) Don’t get too crazy when choosing a color. Stick to colors that complement your skin tone and the rest of your wardrobe. Now that you know the basics, let’s shop!

Go Long Or Short

The rib-knit trim holds its shape, and the tagless label won’t scratch the back of your neck. Carhartt

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When the weather is warmer, a henley with a lightweight summer weave that feels like a T-shirt will stop you from sweating through it. Thicker, quilted cotton will keep you sufficiently warm when the temperature is cooler. Long- and short-sleeve options offer greater weather flexibility, and a henley can be worn over a tee, under a button-down shirt or jacket, and even over or under another henley for extra warmth. But let the wearer beware: Don’t even think about tucking it into your trousers.

For Every Kind of Weather

It’s made of T-shirt fabric, so it won’t leave you overheated when it’s warm outside. Hanes

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A too-loose henley looks sloppy, especially if you’re tall and thin. It should cling to your torso and arms without suffocating them. A rule of thumb: You shouldn’t be able to pinch more than one to two inches of fabric on either side and no more than one inch around the biceps. The button placket on henleys tend to accentuate big necks and torsos, so keep this in mind if you’re a plus-size guy. They can also draw the eye down and elongate the frame.

Classic Brand, Modern Style

The waffle knit fabric provides added warmth when temperatures drop, and the visible stitching gives it a more stylish look. Wrangler

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Navy, gray, black, white, and green are key henley colors, but they come in a variety of hues. Guys with lighter skin look better in gray, navy, and green, while olive skin matches best with light blue, gray and, if you’re feeling adventurous, purple. Dark-skinned guys can pull off a wider variety of colors. Bold and deep shades will pop dramatically on them. A henley shirt looks best when it offers some degree of contrast with the rest of your outfit. In other words, no matter how much you love the color of the sky, resist the urge to go light blue on light blue.