Forget everything you’ve heard about how real men don’t wear tights. Actually, they do especially when they go running. On cold days, men’s running tights help keep the legs warm, and they are far less cumbersome than those old sweatpants that normally weigh us down when we’re on the road. Men’s running tights also enhance circulation, provide extra support, and keep everything in place while protecting your legs from uncomfortable chafing. Ready, set… let’s go shopping.


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The best men’s running tights should wick moisture from your skin so that your legs remain as comfortable and dry as possible when you hit the road on foot. Nylon is one of the materials that best accomplishes this goal. It’s breathable and stretchy, and it moves easily along with one’s legs. Polyester, spandex, and polypropylene also get high marks, as do synthetic blends whose sums combine the best elements of their parts. For those who prefer natural fabrics over synthetic ones, wool, and bamboo are other excellent options.


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Fit is as important as fabric, and men’s running tights should be true to their name, snugly covering the contours of your legs. They shouldn’t be too restrictive, however. After putting them on, do a few squats to double-check that you can move easily in them and to be sure the waistband is high enough. Drawstrings provide more control over the fit. As for length, it pretty much depends on your taste. In warmer weather, capri-length compression tights or ones that extend to just below or just above the knees can offer the same running benefits.


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If you’re the type who likes to go for evening jogs, you should wear reflective running tights so that you are visible to traffic. Don’t worry—you don’t have to go fluorescent if that’s not your style. Some running tights are designed with reflective paneling that will make them visible in the dark while keeping them low-key enough for daytime runs.