Everybody knows the reasons to invest in a water bottle. It’s an environmentally friendly way to tote around your favorite beverages, keeping them hot, cold, or whatever temp you want them. But one of the biggest reasons to buy a water bottle is to help inspire you to drink what’s in it. Just like the “Hang in there!” cat poster above your desk and the motivational messages you write to yourself in the steamy bathroom mirror, water bottles that encourage you to hit your marks every day can truly change your water game.

Know thyself: Are you more likely to hit your daily-water-intake goals with one giant jug, or is it a less intimidating proposition to have a smaller bottle that you fill up multiple times? The key to success is finding a system that works for you. Breaking up your water goals into smaller, more digestible pieces—e.g., once you finish a bottle, you get to get up, walk to the water dispenser, and fill it up again—is helpful for some people. Others like the beast-mode feeling of slamming down that empty gallon jug at the end of the day and letting out a victorious roar. You do you.


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Something you might not think about: ice, ice baby! If you like your water ice-cold but don’t always remember to refrigerate overnight, you need a bottle with a mouth that’s big enough to handle some ice cubes. Otherwise, it’s a room-temp city, friend.


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Most water bottles these days are BPA-free, but it never hurts to check before you buy. Bisphenol A (BPA), once a common component in bottles, has been linked to health issues in people of all ages and genders. (Some of the materials that have replaced BPA, like BPS and BPF, aren’t necessarily much better.) Do your research and make sure the bottle you buy is toxin-free.