Mounting Tape Will Solve Nearly Every Decorating Problem

Sometimes the sticky solution is best.

Nothing livens up a wall like beautiful artwork and small artifacts that help express your personality. But it’s often a pain to have to nail up small frames, or use thumb tacks or push pins that can be unsightly. That’s the beauty of mounting tape—you don’t even know it’s there at all. And strong, high-tech adhesives can hold surprisingly heavy items, not just photos and posters. When you’re ready to add a splash of color and a dash of energy to indoor and outdoor walls, doors, closets and other spaces, choose the right mounting tape and never drive another nail again.

Light-Duty Power

This adhesive is rated to hold 1 pound with a single four-inch strip, but smaller squares work great for use in a scrapbook or shadow box. Scotch

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Mounting tape is made strong on purpose, but be aware that in most cases it’s considered semi-permanent. It’s possible to pull the tape off of some surfaces, but for many interior uses such as painted sheetrock or plaster, removing it will damage or mar the walls. It’s best to use a razor blade to slice it off the wall rather than pull it free.

Easy to Take Down

Perfect for interior surfaces from painted sheetrock to metal, and thick enough to conform to slightly irregular areas. EZlifego

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Always prep the surface before using mounting tape. On smooth interior surfaces, a quick wipe with rubbing alcohol will help remove any grime or greasy substances that would prevent the adhesive from sticking. On rougher surfaces such as masonry, a quick cleaning with a stiff-bristled brush, followed by a wipe with a wet cloth, will help the mounting tape do its job over the long haul.

Sticks to Almost Everything

This adhesive will keep its stick for the long haul. It’s made for both indoor and outdoor use, so this could be a one-roll solution to many hanging needs. Gorilla

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Some mounting tapes are designed for smoother surfaces such as sheetrock and plaster, while others are formulated with a thicker adhesive layer that will provide a solid hold on rough surfaces. Some will adhere to masonry, tile and even bare wood. But beware—some of the strongest mounting tapes will mar fragile interior surfaces. Read the directions carefully.