Outdoor Furniture Treatment to Keep It Like New All Year Long

Don’t let the elements get you down!

The beauty of outdoor furniture is that you can create a living-room-type vibe whether you’re poolside or surrounded by sun, trees and a great breeze. The downside? Over time, outdoor furniture can start showing signs of wear and tear, thanks to those very elements you go outside to enjoy. Take the extra step to preserve your outdoor furniture with these recommended products so they’ll withstand everything and still look brand new!

Easy to Use

One can provides up to 60 square feet of resistance on light nylon or 20 square feet on heavier fabrics. Dries odorless. Scotchgard

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Something to consider if you live in a climate where you’re outdoors all year round—you don’t have to take your outdoor furniture and pillows inside for the winter. The downside is the extra exposure to the sun that’ll fade fabric fast. The solution is a spray on treatment to keep things bright all year round.

Kid-Proofs Fabrics

This is safe for all fibers and is available in a variety of sizes and in multi-packs. 303 Products

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Water damage from rain isn’t your only concern when it comes to outdoor furniture. That’s why a spray on protectant is a necessity to seal your furniture. It makes fabric stain resistant from all liquids—especially the backyard BBQ biggies likes juice, beer, soda and even ketchup!

Simple Application

This multi-pack contains different solutions for your outdoor furniture and takes just minutes to work. Can be reapplied periodically as needed. Star Brite

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Outdoor teak furniture can look old and weathered after just one harsh season of high temperatures and big rain storms. An all-in-one kit that cleans, brightens and restores is your best friend each season. They’re easy to use and can eliminate the hassle of replacing furniture before you’re ready.