Oven Thermometers to Ensure Delicious, Properly Cooked Meals

Check the temperature for dinner.

An oven thermometer is more than a “nice to have.” It’s an essential for many home cooks. Why? Because even when you set the oven to 350 degrees, that’s not necessarily ensuring the oven is actually at the pre-set temperature. The temperature of any given oven varies, and the temperature in the middle of the oven—where food is cooked—may vary from the side of the oven, which may be recording the pre-set oven temperature. To ensure safely and evenly cooked food, look for an accurate oven thermometer that is easy to read.

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The best place to put an oven thermometer is where food is actually being cooked. You may need to move the oven thermometer around a bit, and it’s important that wherever it is, you can read it easily. Some thermometers are designed to hang from a wrack while other people put the thermometer in the oven to stand next to whatever is cooking.

Simple to Clean

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An oven thermometer isn’t limited to just ovens. Oven thermometers can be useful for grills, smokers and any heat-based appliance. That’s because they’re made with two metallic coils that expand and contract based on the heat level, and that causes the dial to move. That said, some oven thermometers may be more accurate than others.

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Having an oven thermometer means you may need to adjust your oven settings. For example, if your oven thermometer reads 320 when you’ve set your oven to 350 degrees, you may need to set your oven higher until your oven thermometer reads 350 as well. You also may want to experiment and see if your oven has “hot” or “cool” spots, and avoid those spots when cooking. An oven that is wildly off, or returning different temperatures every time you check may need to be calibrated by a professional.