When a pet’s toenails—especially those of a dog—are long enough to continually touch the ground, they push back into the nail bed, which is painful and puts pressure on the toe joint. In the long run, these untrimmed nails can cause problems with the foreleg joints and make the dog’s foot appear flattened. When choosing a pet nail clipper, consider the power, design, and extra features.

This model offers fast and slow settings, three grinding ports, and low noise. Casfuy

Power grinders feature a rough, rotating surface that is used to grind the pet’s nails down to the preferred length rather than actually clipping off the ends. They’re great for pets with very thick nails and for those that hate having clippers used on their feet. Models with reduced noise can also help keep your anxious dogs and cats calm. Also, grinders with replaceable surfaces can ensure that you always have a nice, rough pad to use for nail grinding.

This option’s manual construction features non-slip handles for strength and comfort. gonicc

Manual pet nail trimmers come in two basic types: guillotine and scissor. Guillotine clippers work like the old guillotines of centuries past—stick the end of your pet’s nail through the hole and squeeze the handles. The blade lowers and gently slices off the end of the nail. Scissor clippers work like scissors and are usually preferable for large dogs, since guillotine clippers can’t exert as much force to trim the nail as scissor-type clippers can. Using either type of manual trimmer is simple: just snip the nails without getting all the way down to the quick.

Extra Features

This rotary model features a rechargeable Nickel-Cadmium battery and lightweight design. Dremel

Some special features of pet toenail clippers make them more effective and easier to use. For scissor clippers, make sure the blades are extremely sharp. If you buy them and they’re not sharp right out of the box, send them back and try another model. For those choosing guillotine clippers, models with replaceable blades will serve you better in the long run. For both types of manual clippers, padded grips are more comfortable if you’re going to be doing lots of pets at once. For electronic grinders, those that charge with a wall charger tend to be stronger and run longer than battery-powered models.