Few things smell up a house like dog and cat waste. Even though most pet owners work hard to train their pets, accidents do happen. Unfortunately, once a dog or cat has urinated in a spot, they are likely to go back there again and again, turning the area into a virtual litter box or pee spot.

Fortunately, cleaning up your pets’ messes doesn’t have to be difficult if you know how to handle them properly and have the correct cleaning products to tackle the problem. When shopping for pet stain and odor removing products, consider these factors.

Has a Spray Nozzle

This product is safe for floors, furniture, clothing, and your furry friend’s sleeping area. Rocco & Roxie Supply Co

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Look for a product with an ingredient that gets rid of ammonia odors and deters pets from re-marking a spot. Some people prefer using scented cleaners because they leave a pleasant smell behind, so that’s another thing to consider. Also, you’ll want to read labels closely to make sure the spray you are considering tackles both stains and odors, as some only handle one problem or the other. Many stain and odor remover sprays use “good” bacteria to digest wastes or urine by producing enzymes that break down the molecules into much smaller pieces, which become food for the bacteria. Once that process is complete, no odor remains—and that’s a good thing.

Powder Formula

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Powders for removing pet stains and odor are typically designed to be sprinkled on the carpet, then vacuum up after a prescribed amount of time. When you have a good one, most of the stain and odor will be vacuumed up with the powder. Non-toxic formulas ensure that if your pet (or even a child) happens to ingest some of this powdered cleaner, there won’t be any danger. Good-quality powders will eliminate foul odors left by stinky, smelly messes caused by urine, feces, vomit, and accidents, along with working on lingering and old odors. Many such powders also loosen up dirt and fur in the carpet from shedding, allowing more of it to be picked up by the vacuum.

Good for Sensitive Skin

These individual cleaning sheets contain aloe vera and an anti-mold agent. Pets First

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While wet wipes were once made mainly for baby buttocks, the pet grooming wipes now offered by many manufacturers are great for cleaning up messes, and especially keeping odor down. Plant-based pet wipes are not only easy on your hands and pet, but also compostable after use. Good pet grooming wipes are quite easy to use and are made to safely remove dirt, dander, and odor. Some pet groom wipes are made for use only on dogs, so if you are shopping for wipes for a cat or other pet, read product descriptions carefully. Pet wipes are even available in a variety of different fragrances, so find your favorite and enjoy a fresher smelling home.