Pool Toys Your Kids Will Love

Keep your kids occupied in the water.

Two little kids having fun in a swimming pool
Fun in the sun for children of all ages.Pexels

There are approximately 10.4 million residential and 309,000 public swimming pools in the United States—that’s a lot of water to play in. It’s even more fun if you have a great pool toy or two.

CozyBomB Magnetic Fishing Pool Toys Game for Kids - Water Table Bath-tub Kiddie Party Toy with Pole Rod Net Plastic Floating Fish Toddler Color Ocean Sea Animals Age 3 4 5 6 Year Old
Use magnets to “catch” aquatic creatures, while improving hand-eye coordination.CozyBomB

If you’re looking for a toy that will outlast swimming season, then this multi-piece set is it. A collection of brightly-colored plastic sea creatures are just waiting to be caught, thanks to a magnetic rod that works just as well in the swimming pool as it does on the playroom floor. As kids get older and their swimming ability improves, take away the rod and have them dive for the fishes instead.

Aqua Stingray Underwater Glider, Swimming Pool Toy, Self-Propelled, Adjustable Fins, Travels up to 60 Feet, Dive and Retrieve Pool Toy
Clever tool for practicing subaquatic strokes, or just playing catch beneath the surface.Aqua

Self-propelling toys (meaning no batteries) are great for teaching diving or underwater swimming skills, as well as for games for all the family.

Greenco Kids Colorful Inflatable Water Wheel Roller Float 52" Diameter
Rainbow-coloured, heavy-duty PVC ring that’s easy to inflate and deflate, and provides both fun and support for beginner swimmers.Greenco

Circular pool floats provide hours of fun. Kids can use one like a hamster wheel, kick back in its curves, sprawl across it horizontally, or simply use it as a swimming aid. Heavy-duty PVC makes for a durable choice.