How to Choose the Best Popcorn Popper for Your Family

Make it a movie night to remember!

A fresh, hot, buttery bag of popcorn is something your tastebuds surely look forward to when at the movies or a baseball game. Being able to recreate it at home is possible with the right popper! From the convenience of your microwave to taking the extra time with hot oil, here’s how to choose the best popper for your family’s preferred popcorn tastes!

No Butter or Oil Needed

Available in six colors and a 3 quart version that feeds the whole family. Ecolution

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The beauty of a microwavable popcorn popper is it eliminates the need for instant popcorn bags. This saves money and is a way to keep your kitchen environmentally friendly while opting for fresh kernels.

Easy to Clean

Simple to store—the attached cord wraps neatly under the unit, making it tangle free. West Bend

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The secret to an electric popcorn popper is its built-in stirring rod. It keeps the popped and unpopped kernels in constant motion to prevent burning. And most feature a lid that doubles as a serving bowl for the utmost convenience.

Comes with Accessories

Works quickly and efficiently, no pre-heating required. West Bend

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If movie theater-style popcorn is what you crave while watching films, then a movie-theater style popper is what you need. Watch the popcorn spill into the cabinet so everyone in your family can take a turn scooping out their perfect portion.