If you have limited cabinet and shelf space in your kitchen, a pot lid organizer can take care of some of your pesky storage issues. They give you one place to keep all your lids, so they won’t get in the way when you stack your pots and pans vertically. Depending on your taste and the design of your kitchen, you can get one that fits inside a cabinet, on a shelf or on a counter. For those who have completely run out of empty spaces, pot lid organizers that hang from the wall offer an easy solution as well as an appealing intersection of functional and decorative.

Simple and Dependable

This can fit up to seven different covers, and the coated steel wires won’t scratch or damage them. YouCopia

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Hooks, rods, and racks all make excellent pot lid organizers. While you can’t go sturdier than metal, there’s a long list of alternative options, including plastic, wood and even bamboo. If you go for a style that stores away in the same cabinet as your pots and pans, get one that holds them securely in place and that’s non-slip so it doesn’t move around when you reach for a lid.

Doubles as Decoration

These do require minimal installation effort, and the three screws you’ll need for each one are included. Each one can hold three tops. Simple Houseware

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Pot lid organizers that hang from the wall or above the counter are perfect for the smallest kitchens because the only space they require is space you don’t really use. Ones that hang behind a pantry door also free up shelf and cabinet space. If you hang a pot lid organizer over the stove, be sure to allow for enough distance from the heat source to prevent damaging your pot and pan covers.

Keep Pans Here Too

You can adjust this from one foot to 22 inches to fit it securely inside a cabinet.


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If you’re completely out of cabinet, shelf and counter space and want your pot lids to remain out of sight and out of mind while they’re out of use, you can mount a pot lid organizer on the inside of the cabinet door where you keep your pots and pans. Everything will then be in one place, but before hanging it up, be sure you’ll have enough room to close the door properly.