Propane Grills That Quickly Cook Delicious Meals

For a quick dinner or a leisurely barbecue, propane grills are a great buy.

There’s an eternal battle of gas versus charcoal grills. Gas—almost always propane—has a bunch of advantages. It’s extremely quick to heat up, easy to clean, can adjust the heat with a simple turn of the knob and cheap to maintain. It is, really, the ultimate quick, weeknight dinner tool.

Reliable Ignition

This product features reversible cooking grates, which can be used for anything from chicken and beef to fish and shrimp. Weber

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Look for a grill that sports enameled cast iron grates—the same tech behind many popular pots and pans. This material heats up very hot and very evenly, and provides some non-stick protection without the use of harmful chemicals. Some offer a reversible system so you can have different-width grating. Thick ones are great for making those big char lines, and thin ones are better for delicate foods like seafood and vegetables.

Easy Cleanup

This option features a removable tray for grease, so you can clean it quickly and easily. Char-Broil

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The number of individual burners is almost as important as the raw square footage of your grill surface. Ideally you’d want at least three—probably four—to ensure that you can cook enough burgers, hot dogs and other grillables with equal heat. Many grills also offer a side burner, on a little counter, which can be useful for sauces.

High Power

At 529 square inches of cooking space, this choice gives you ample room for a cookout. Weber

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There are lots of bonus features to consider when shopping for a gas grill—but don’t get too hung up on high-tech options like Bluetooth-enabled thermometers. Instead, look for features that will actually contribute to your ease of use, like an included cover or some method of telling you how much gas is left in your propane tank. Some models feature a scale for this latter feature, and it’ll come in handy, so you never run out of gas right when you want to grill.