Punch Up Your Workout with a Jump Rope

The childhood staple is just as fun today.

Cardio may not be your favorite part of your workout routine…yet. A jump rope brings you back to more carefree days on the playground, when you were more focused on memorizing rhymes and jumping as high as you could than squeezing in exercise during your lunch hour. Here are three jump ropes to add some fun to your workout.

Fit for the Playground

Use this to increase your stamina and speed. DEGOL

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A braided steel rope, coated in PVC for your comfort, is more durable and builds up more speed than a plain cotton rope. Look for a design with an adjustable length to suit your height and jumping workout.

Pick Your Workout

Connect to the app to get hundreds of custom exercises. Crossrope

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This weighted rope comes in four different sizes, so you can customize it to your height. You can also switch between two different weights of rope for strength training and endurance.

Made for Motion

Four bearings prevent this from getting tangled. WOD Nation

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To be able to jump rope quickly, you have to make sure your rope doesn’t become a tangled mess. Steel bearings on the handles keep the rope from twisting and turning, so you can focus on your double Dutch.