Once upon a time, there were very few beds without headboards. Then more utilitarian tastes took over, and people realized they didn’t necessarily need a sleigh bed or four-poster or canopy (remember canopies?) to complete their bedroom look. Only, most trends come full circle—and it turns out that headboards are actually kind of cool. The soft upholstered kind gives you a nice cushion when you’re sitting up in bed and reading (and make you feel like you’re in a hotel), while more classic wood styles add a finished look to your overall aesthetic. Don’t sleep on this re-burgeoning decor choice.

Durable Steel Framework

An interior metal infrastructure and dense foam padding give you strength and comfort, while supportive belts safely cradle you. All the tools you’ll need to build it are included. Zinus

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Many queen-sized headboards give you the option of using a box spring or not. Forgoing a box spring means your mattress will be lower to the ground, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your height and how you like to sleep. In general, adding a box spring will also make your mattress softer and springier, so consider that before you add or take one away. Memory foam mattresses in particular work well on platform beds (i.e. without a box spring). 

Easy Assembly

You can choose whether to add a box spring to this manufactured-wood-and-plywood frame. Faux-leather fabric makes it simple to clean. Crown Mark

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Consider how low to the ground you want your bed frame to lie, especially if it’s sold separately from your headboard. Some have short legs, others have tall legs, and others are flush to the ground. If you’re someone who likes to store things under the bed, you’ll want something that gives you the room to do that—make sure it.

Multiple Colors

Foam-padded tape on the steel frame keeps the mattress from slipping and eliminates noise if you’re a tosser or turner. Zinus

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If you know you want a bed frame with a built-in headboard but are ambivalent about what type, you can’t go wrong with a classic wood option. It’s a style chameleon that easily jibes with minimalist, modernist, shabby-chic, California-cool, and traditional homes alike.