Quirky Ice Cube Trays for Fun and Flavor

Up your beverage game with customized ice cubes (and spheres and unicorns).

Entertaining at home can be a fun, albeit stressful, undertaking. The key to surviving as host is to make things as simultaneously creative and simple as possible, like with fun ice cube trays. Your guests will marvel at the personalized touch, and you’ll have only exerted as much energy as it takes to pour some water or juice into a tray and open the freezer.

Perfectly angled professional-grade shapes will wow your guests. Bonus: Temperature-resistant material makes this choice great for baby food and sauces too. Adoric

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Safety first! Check that the set you’ve chosen is made of durable food-grade silicone, which is non-toxic, odorless and BPA-free. It’s also flexible, which makes popping out ice cubes nice and easy.

Choose from a range of designs depending on your party’s theme from flowers to mustaches to anchors. Tovolo

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Give your drink a kiss from a rose with flora-inspired cubes, perfect for botanical-forward mocktails. The bigger the cube, the slower the melt, so pop one in and don’t worry about diluting your handcrafted drinks.

If Damien Hirst had a dinner party, we’re pretty sure he’d serve these. At 2 by 2.36 inches, they’re more than just eye candy: The solid shape guarantees your drink will stay colder longer. Shaped

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Microwave-, oven- and dishwasher-safe sets turn ice cube trays into muffin and cupcake tins in a jif, no extra purchase required!

Unlike other styles, this option turns out eight mythical beasts per sheet, so churning out loads at once is more manageable. And the compact size means it’ll store easily in the freezer. WHAT ON EARTH

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Whimsical shapes are typically for kids, but if you’re throwing a soiree for a grown-up who’s a kid at heart, try using your quirky mold for adult Jell-O jigglers.

A honeycomb of hexagons for a slightly fancier way to chill your drinks—or save freshly chopped herbs or sauces. WETONG

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If you’re concerned about your ice soaking up freezer smells, look for a set of trays with lids—the easiest way to keep your cubes as fresh as the day you popped them into the freezer.