Remastered games are having a renaissance. At their core, this could mean taking a beloved older game and sprucing up the graphics for modern-day consoles. Sometimes, though, the games are completely rewritten—a new spin on an old classic.

This nearly-30-year-old 2D Gameboy classic is now a gorgeous 3D game that features an updated musical score and graphics. Option for physical or digital copies, or to add a book of artwork. Nintendo

There are plenty of emulator options if you want to play older games, but often those can feel less than satisfying. Can you believe we used to be impressed by graphics like this? Remastering allows players to replay—or enjoy for the first time—games in full, modern HD.

Originally from 2013, this new version updates the graphics and includes every single downloadable extra. PlayStation

Remastered games typically include any features that may have been add-ons to the original game. This downloadable content, or DLC, cost extra at the time; it may have included bonus characters, extra missions—that kind of thing. Remastered games toss all of that in for free.

The diminutive dragon’s original adventures, all packaged together. Available for multiple consoles. ACTIVISION

There are plenty of classic games which were series—maybe there was a sequel, or a trilogy. Modern remasters often include the entire series, or a group of games, all in one. They aren’t diluted, either: you’ll get multiple games, upgraded, for the cost of one of today’s games. They can be a great bargain.