Reversible grill/griddles are the ideal cook surface for burgers, steaks, eggs, pancakes, and more! They are portable and adaptable to any kind of weather. On sunny days, you can use it on top of an outdoor grill. When the weather doesn’t cooperate, bring it inside to the kitchen and heat up either side using the burners on the stove or get it cooking inside the oven.

The flat-surfaced griddle side of a reversible multipurpose grill/griddle is ideal for preparing breakfast and lunch when fried eggs, pancakes, and burgers are on the menu. The grill flipside brings cookout flavor to the table, and the ridges allow the grease to drip down for healthier food preparation. Use the grill option to cook steaks to seared perfection, make fish skin crisp, and grill veggies.

Whatever you do, don’t put a cast-iron reversible grill/griddle into the dishwasher. Always wash it by hand, following the cleaning instructions specific to the product. When you are finished, don’t forget to season both sides with cooking oil to keep it rust-free and nonstick before putting it away.


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An aluminum reversible grill/griddle offers a nonstick and lightweight alternative to cast iron. They heat up more quickly and evenly, and they’re generally easier to clean and maintain. Just don’t expect them to last as long, as these can warp with regular use. If you stick with cast iron, to ensure even cooking on the stovetop, use one heat level for burners of the same size or adjust the temperature of different-sized burners for equal heat distribution.