Riding Toys for Kids On The Go

Be the envy of the cul-de-sac.

A great ride-on toy can provide years of fun and excitement. Today’s beefed-up versions feature extras like variable speeds, real-life stereo systems and parental remote controls. Here are a few your little ones will love.

Built-In Seat Belt

This model can be driven by the rider or parents can control it via an app and Bluetooth. Available in multiple colors and models. Tenflyer

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Bring the fun of the county fair home with a bumper car ride-on toy. Look for options with parental remote control, allowing you to stop and turn the car, and giving you peace of mind for even the littlest riders.

High-Traction Wheels

This sturdy ride-on will be a hit with aspiring farmers. A dual-speed feature keeps toddlers safer while older kids still get a thrill. Peg Perego

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A ride-on toy for kids is the perfect backdrop for a serious game of pretend. For the best experience, look for bright colors and life-like detailing to make the game come alive.

Up to 45 Minutes of Driving

This toy reaches up to 8 mph, helping your kids feel like they’re really racing on the track. It can support up to 81 pounds. Radio Flyer

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For the ultimate in ride-on fun, opt for a go-kart for your little ones. They’re fast and nimble, offering endless thrills.