If the ring fits, wear it. And if the ring doesn’t fit…you can go through the process of having it professionally sized, but that takes time and can cost a pretty penny. Plus, there’s always a chance that a permanent resize will change the look of your ring. For a worry-free fix that’s immediate, grab a much-more-affordable ring-size adjuster, which slips right into the band so your baubles don’t bobble.

Just pop on as many transparent, hypoallergenic rounds as you need, then snip off the rest! The only trade-off of this style is that it’s not completely invisible. 5 STARS UNITED

Because spiral options are inherently…spiral…they show on the inside and outside of the ring (so if you flip your hand over, people will see the adjuster). Keep that in mind if you want a more discrete option and instead, try something flat that sits on the inside of the ring only.

Great Value

You get eight options in multiple dimensions to fit various pieces, along with a silver polishing cloth so your sterling shines like the top of the Chrysler Building. Likimar

If you’re not big on DIY and also want your pick to be completely invisible, instead of a spiral style, opt for one you can just pop into the inside of your ring. You’ll just have to be particular about choosing the right ring-size adjusters for each ring you want to size (for example, if you have both thin- and thick-band rings). If you’re not sure what you need, invest in a pack with multiple-size options.

Also Consider

This one clips on and clicks into place for added peace of mind, in case you’re afraid of your too-big jewelry slipping off. The material has memory, so over time, its grippy hold just gets better. Chrome Cherry

Ring-size adjusters are a great option for anyone with arthritis, whose rings need to be big enough to slide over the knuckle but then swim at the thinner part of the finger. Particularly if you have sensitive hands, choose an adjuster that slides on comfortably and is made of a forgiving material that has flex, so it won’t irritate or pinch. Even with the most secure ring adjuster, be careful: If you wash your hands a lot or fiddle with your fingers, make sure you don’t unintentionally knock your adjuster out of whack and risk losing your ring.